Our wedding menus

Lest we not be boring, we have added 2 new types of wedding menus.  First, here is our Traditional Tuscan Wedding Menu (of course served with our fabulous White Wine and Chianti Classico!) followed by our new menus: 

Wedding Reception Menu “Traditional Italian Wedding”


Prosecco, Conca d’oro Cocktail, Orange Juice

Standing Starters

Cutting Board Selection of Pecorino Cheese with Honey,
Tuscan Prosciutto with Melon,
Tuscan Salame, Finocchiona (Fennel Salame) and Warm Flat Bread (Focaccia)
Bruschettine with Courgettes,  Bruschettine with Tomatoes,  Crostino with Liver Pâté
Deep Fried Baskets: Onion Rings, Sage, little sticks of courgettes, flowers of pumpkin, little mozzarellas, fried pasta 

First Courses

Rice with asparagus and saffron
Rice with leek, sausages and mint
Rice with prosecco and parmigiano cheese
Rice with strawberries
Straccetti of fresh noodles with duck sauce and vegetables,
Maltagliati with ragout of wild boar or/ with ragout of vegetables
Maremmani filled with ricotta and spinach with butter and thyme
Pappardelle of fresh noodles with cherry tomatoes, basil, pine nuts and pecorino cheese
Pappa al Pomodoro

Main courses

Suckling pig
Mixed roasted meat
Chianina sirloin
Roasted Prosciutto
Tagliata of Chianina with rosemary

Side dishes

field salad,
mixed vegetables,
potatoes with rosemary
sweet and sour onions, soufflé of vegetables of the season

Wedding cake millefoglie with chantilly cream


Your next choice is a little less formal but just as yummy.

Wedding Reception Menu

“Refined Buffet”


The Welcome Cocktail

Sangria, Prosecco e Fruit Juice in carafe
Handcrafted Pecorino Cheese with honey and mustard jam
Cubes of Tuscan Salame
Tuscan Focaccia with rock salt and rosemary
Prunes wrapped in lard from Colonnata and roasted

 The Buffet

Tuscan Prosciutto with summer melons
Cutting board of Fennel salame with  kiwi
Small bites of cherry tomatoes with Robiolina cheese and thyme
Shepard’s Ricotta with Malva flowers
Crazy salad with green apples, crispy bacon and mint leaves
Assorted fantasy of crostini for all tastes
Assorted breads and focaccia
Porchetta cut to order
Raw vegetable Pinzimonio
Mixed garden of grilled vegetables
Pappa al pomodoro
Short Pici with breadcrumbs and sage

Last but not least

Fresh fruit fantasy with a creamy fresh cheese
Drunken melons or strawberries
Cantucci and vin santo

Wedding cake

But our special new menu is Tuscan in the sense of the Etruscans.

 Wedding Reception Menu

“Etruscan Wedding”

Apricots and  Aged Pecorino Cheese
Eggs and Fresh Pecorino Cheese
Fresh Figs with Almonds
Prunes with Hazelnuts
Fresh Ricotta with Walnuts
Quail Eggs with Thyme
Goat Cheese with Poppy Seeds
Baby Celery with Dry Cured Meat
Baked Onions with Fennel Seeds
Truffled Pecorino Cheese Nibbles
Assorted Cured Meats
Kale Cabbage and Lard Crostone
Mushroom Crostino
Snipe (Woodcock) Crostino
Anchovies with Garum
Pureé of Lentils with Cheese Fried Croutons

Tastings of :

Lasagne of Cinta Senese Ragu with Zucchini and Wild Mint
Small Ravioli with Pecorino and Pears
Assorted Stewed Meats (Beef, Pork, Guinea Fowl and Rooster)
with Green Beans and Peas with Mushrooms
Miniature Red Grape Sweet  Focaccia, Acacia Honey and Mulsum Wine

Wedding Cake

About fattoria di corsignano

Producer of Chianti Classico since 1988. A charming country estate as well as a host for many different activities including all inclusive culinary vacations and a perfect reception for important events and wedding.
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