All the fun you have been missing!

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, we have been very busy with events and for that we have not been keeping up with the blog.

As a way to compensate you for our absence, we would like to share with you some of the amazing events that we have been holding here.  Be prepared, this is a long and full of photos blog post.

Following are pictures from a communion we hosted at the beginning of May:

What do you think of our waitresses who did such a good job they got a tip (which shocked the others who normally work since they never get tips)?

Now Sophia’s communion from May.  Do you like the cake?

Then at the beginning of June, we had a huge (120 people) double communion for a boy and a girl. Everything was divided so for the boy’s family and friends, one of their tables was like this

and for girl it was like this

They even had different cake tables:

Next up, the wedding we wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  We had a wonderful couple from Holland come with friends and family (70 people).  They took over the entire property for 2 nights.  The first night they had the traditional wedding dinner (we are still waiting on photos for this) and the second night they had a standing buffet dinner.  All were dressed like angels in white and gold:

and here are the bride and groom watching their wonderful friends and family:

Next up, another wedding but this time it was for 150 people!

This was a lot of work but as you can see, we have the space:

At one of the standing starter buffet, all of our cured meats were sliced to order using our antique meat slicer:

And last event for this blog was one that was very near and dear to our hearts as it was a very personal event.

My mother turned 80 so I set up a surprise party for her. This was not easy as she lives in Torino but in the summer, she spends most of her time here with us so I had to do everything behind her back!  Friends and family were coming from all over Italy.  Some were staying here so we had to arrange for her to be gone in the afternoon when they arrived.  We decided that Mario would take her to a local winery for an aperitif.  She said okay but then was shocked as he wanted to take her on his motorcycle.  Luckily she is a very young 80 and is always willing to try something new.  So her first gift was her first ride on a motorcycle:

Here is her “cake” which was lots of cream filled bignets

And here I am with her and my cousin

They say you get younger (mentally) with age but honestly, she just seems to get younger and younger (physically) every year.  Would you say she looked 80 in this picture?

As you can see, we enjoy hosting events here in the chianti classico area of siena and are always open to accommodating the desires of our guests.

About fattoria di corsignano

Producer of Chianti Classico since 1988. A charming country estate as well as a host for many different activities including all inclusive culinary vacations and a perfect reception for important events and wedding.
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