How to handle the heat

As we wrote the other day, it is very hot here in Italy right now.  The temps in Siena are 40+ which is over 104 °F. 

Many of our guests are from areas where it never gets this hot so we have noticed that they are having a lot harder time than we are.  Maybe it is because we follow the old way of doing things (as we touched on in our last blog post).

So here are some things that will help keep you cool if you ever have a summer like this.

  • Keep shutters, curtains, etc. closed during the sunlight hours, especially when the sun is hitting that specific part of the house.
  • Open shutters and windows when the sun is setting for the night.
  • Use fans wherever you can.  They really do help.
  • Run cold water from the faucet over the inside of your wrists and place a damp cold cloth on the back of your neck.
  • Eat LOTS of fuit.  Especially bananas, apples and apricots.
  • Drink tomato juice if you feel your blood pressure and sugar levels falling.
  • Eat light foods.  Forget the steaks, the pizza with tons of cheese, the lasagne.  Instead opt for grilled fish or poultry if you eat these proteins, beans with cous cous (makes a complete protein but no animal fat), caprese salad, tuna with white beans, etc.
  • Dress in linen or cotton and try to wear light colored clothes.
  • Do not sit for too long indoors.  Get up and move every once in a while, do a little yoga or just stretching.
  • If possible, early morning and late afternoon, find a cool place outside to stay.
  • Drink drink drink water.  But be careful, never drink cold things in the summer as you can get a very serious stomach ache.

This is the way we deal with the heat here.  Do you have any secrets to let us in on, if so, please comment.

  • Do stretches a few times a day.

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