Another Day, Another Cooking Class Post

Recently, one of our former guests wrote to us because he had finished all of the wine he had purchased.  Of course we fixed that problem for him and while his wine is on a plane flying to the U.S:, he sent us a cd with photos from his cooking class a couple of months ago.  So here they are:

Tadà, all of the semola flour weighed out to start making the pasta

Making sure the meat browns properly 

 Stirring the zucchini until cooked to perfection

 Making sure the potato slices are just the right thickness

And showing her Italian side stirring the tomato sauce 

Now they get to enjoy their hard work:

Sformato di Zucchini

Homemade Pappardelle with Cherry Tomatoes

Tegamata di pollo all’aglio, limone e rigatino con patate
(Garlic Chicken with Tuscan Bacon and Lemon)

And last but not least, Crostata di Crema con Fragole (Cream Tart with Strawberries)


About fattoria di corsignano

Producer of Chianti Classico since 1988. A charming country estate as well as a host for many different activities including all inclusive culinary vacations and a perfect reception for important events and wedding.
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One Response to Another Day, Another Cooking Class Post

  1. Donna Imbriani says:

    This was certainly a memorable day for my friends and I during our trip to Italy! Elena, Mario & Cristina made us feel like part of the family and now I think we are!!! Their home and cooking school is worth the experience and we are all glad we had spent this time with them!!!
    Donna Imbriani

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