New Cooking Class Photos

If you remember, in March we had a cooking class for 45 teenagers from Canada. If not, you can read about the day here but in the meantime, we have gotten some photos from the group leader that we all would love to share so that you can see how interactive and fun our classes are.

So first, once everyone arrived, the introductions were made and Elena went over the program for the day.

Then everyone got to work preparing their lunch. For example, here is part of the group preparing the Saltinbocca di Coniglio.

Then some prepared some “Fettunta”.  A little cultural lesson, what you see in the photo is not called bruschetta in Siena.  Fettunta means “greasy slice” which is honestly what grilled bread with olive oil is.


Then of course there are those who had to chop garlic, rosemary, onions, potatoes and more.

Elena & Mario kept an eye on the progress.

We also made fresh pasta that day

And while the tables were being set for lunch, everyone went to the wine cellar for a tour.

They did such a great job that a standing ovation was in order from us!

We were sad to see them go but hope that one day they can all come back with their families to spend time with us.

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One Response to New Cooking Class Photos

  1. Cristina says:

    Wonderful people and wonderful photos.

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