Portland, Maine

A fantastic experience was had in Portland, overlooking the ocean, at the Italian Life Expo.

A boutique Expo with all top quality italian products, great organization, fantastic location, wonderful people. All the ingredients for a succesful recipe.

We are glad to have been there.




The first evening we had the inauguration and a fantastic dinner by Pino, Divo’s owner and chef. He prepared an 8 courses dinner paired with 10 wines of which 2 of them were ours. Pino made the best, exalting the fantastic.  Our wines were greatly appreciated and perfectly combined to the dishes. One of those was particurally discussed because of the label which had problems getting approved in the state of Maine because of a half naked body of Eve (of Adam & Eve). That’s why it had a magical aura about it.

The exibitors in the expo were a good selection of italian life style: wine and oil producers, wine importers, ceramic and glass producers, cooper craft producers, cheese and ham producers,  farmers,  agriturismi and touristic resort representatives.

They were all fantastic.

The expo has been possible thanks to many, a special thank you to Luisa De Luca, Paola d’Amato and Paul Turina.






They supported our coming and helped with all of the specific details.

The following two days were very busy.  Many people came to the expo, really interested in it all and taking it all in.


A painter came to our booth and she showed me a picture of a pigeon on her phone. She captured my attention, the wonderful pigeon was a painting and not a picture as it seemed. She asked me for a title to give to her painting and because the painting was made in Italy in San Gimignano, she asked me for a title in Italian.  The title un bellissimo piccione was born in Portland, isn’t it amazing?

People loved our wines and they were sold out in the nearby Mecucci’s grocery store.

We can’t wait to come to Maine with our wines: what a great experience!

About fattoria di corsignano

Producer of Chianti Classico since 1988. A charming country estate as well as a host for many different activities including all inclusive culinary vacations and a perfect reception for important events and wedding.
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One Response to Portland, Maine

  1. Michie O'Day says:

    I am so happy to see my painting on your blog. Meeting you and Mario was the highlight of the expo, which was all wonderful. Thank you! Michie O’Day (www.michieoday.com)

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