Now I understand . . .

We are getting ready for our trip to the U.S. in a few days (read about it here We’re coming to America) and it is amazing how different things are.  I now understand why our guests from the U.S.  always have many questions.

Here are some differences:

  • getting health insurance for traveling.  Here we have socialized medicine so the cost and restrictions in the U.S. for pre diagnosed problems is very shocking.
  • for Italians traveling to the U.S., they need to apply and pay for a security travel authorization clearance through the U.S. government which those coming to Italy from the U.S. do not have to do.
  • children cannot enter places where alcohol is served.  Since there will be wine tasting at the Expo, we cannot bring our daughter inside with us. She has grown up in the wine cellar playing between the barrels.
  • International Drivering Permit. In Italy it is a month long process and costs around 100 Euro while in the U.S. it takes 5 minute and costs 15.  In Italy it is only required to drive while in the U.S. it is required to rent the car as well.
  • plug adaptors.  Oh what a headache!  We need U.S. plugs for our phones, computers, games for our daughter, etc. but instead of having just one type of plug like in the U.S., Italy has 3 different kinds!
  • everything is so big!  One of the hotels we are looking at in Manhatten had 950 rooms.  We are country folk and are a little afraid of such a big hotel

If you have any helpful advise or know of something that is different and not on our list, please let us know (leave a comment) and I promise I will do the same for you when you come over to Italy.

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One Response to Now I understand . . .

  1. tenutacorsignano says:

    Brenda’s words:
    I just saw your post about traveling to the U.S and vice versa to
    Italy. Here are some things I learned about international travel:

    1. Carry any medications with you in your carry-on bag, in case your
    checked luggage is lost or misdirected for a few days.
    2. If you think you want to anything in liquid form (like wine
    bottles) pack disposable baby diapers and large zip-lock plastic bags
    for protection in case of breakage.
    3. Bring a book or music along for adults and small games for
    children for the long plane ride. Get up and stretch your legs often
    to prevent blood clots and achy and stiff legs. Many people here take
    one aspirin each day for two weeks before international travel to
    prevent blood clots in the legs while sitting for hours on the plane.
    4. Bring a small flashlight with you for use to get around your hotel
    room at night.
    5. You may want to bring a small tote bag with you, one that is easy
    to pack flatly. You could use it if you go to the market or store for
    shopping. Many U.S. stores are in favor of reusable bags to reduce
    the amount of plastic bags in the landfills.
    6. If you haven’t already, you can check to see if your cell phone
    service will allow you to send text messages back to Italy. This
    could save some time for you if someone needs to contact you with
    business questions.

    That is all for now. If I think of anything else or if you have a
    question about something, please let me know. I so wish we could come
    visit you! But our 10th wedding anniversary is next year, 2012, and
    we plan to come back to Italy with the goal of staying in Tuscany. 🙂

    Have fun packing!

    Brenda Lea.

    Tailwind Photography

    Thank you BRENDA!

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